15/08/2020, Sat

Institution laboratories

Having the right equipment, this institution can provide a necessary condition for all researchers to carry out their research whether in device analysis or students using the equipment in their final thesis.


Deposition lab

This lab is consist of 3 major equipment, Chemical Vapor Deposition method (CVD), rotational deposition and sputtering deposition. This lab can be used to Produce and manufacture of thin films, nanotubes and nanostructures, thin films made of organic and polymers, manufacture of optical filters, sensors, produce a thin layer of dielectric, amorphous optical layer, thin film resistors, types of insulation in microcircuit industry, transparent electrodes, etc.


General lab

This lab has a certain equipment such as laboratory oven (regular and under vacuum), ben mary bath, glovebox, PH meter, centrifuge, ultrapure water maker, orbital shaker, scales with 5 decimal places, four microprocessor, cleans ultrasonic, hot plate with magnetic stirring, furnace, ultrasonic weld, 30 ton automatic hot press, etc.


Electrochemical lab

This lab is designed to simulate, manufacture and analyze energy storages. 4 channel battery tester, Galvanostat-Potentiostat, fuel cell tester, battery and supercapacitor construction equipment are of the equipment of this lab.

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